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Family Eye Covid-19 Policies

(Last updated 4/25/21)

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented office policies to ensure the safety of patients and staff. To make an appointment, you must agree to the following special conditions:


1. There will be zero tolerance for any virus symptoms. All patients, family members, and staff will be screened prior to entering the building and no one will be permitted to enter with fever, cough, congestion, or shortness of breath.


2. Only patients who can follow staff instructions to not touch off-limit areas will be able to be seen. Any deliberate contact with off-limit areas will end the visit with no possibility for rescheduling until conditions normalize.


3. By order of the City of Long Beach, everyone entering the building will be required to wear facial coverings over the nose and mouth.


4. Only two family members may accompany the patient for the eye exam. Multiple family members can have eye exams at the same time, but with only two accompanying family members not having an eye exam. If other family members wish to participate and ask questions, remote access using a phone speaker or video chat is permitted.


5. Upon entering the building, the patient and family will be immediately escorted into a sanitized exam room with minimal time spent in the waiting room or other common areas. If no exam rooms are available, patients are to remain outside the building until called to come into their exam room.


6. To expedite your appointment, please access the Patient Portal to complete information prior to your appointment. If you are unable to complete the information in advance, plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the forms prior to being admitted into the building.


7. The eye exam will be performed to provide needed care while minimizing the risk of virus transmission. The screening parts of the exam, such as checking the eye pressure in patients without glaucoma or dilating the pupils in patients without diabetes mellitus or other conditions, may be deferred until conditions normalize and the patient can return for a more thorough eye exam.


8. Patients and/or family members need a staff escort to leave the exam room at any time. When finished with the exam, the patient and family member will be escorted out of the building with minimal time spent in the waiting room or other common areas. Insurance copayments and arrangements for follow up exams will either be made in the exam room or remotely at a later time.


9. The optical shop will be open during regular business hours with reduced capacity. Only the optical staff is permitted to handle the frames, which will be set aside and sanitized between patients. Contact lens training will occur on a selective basis. Contact lenses can be ordered by contacting the optical department (562) 209-7479 or clicking on the following link ( and creating an account to order online.


10. Because of the limited availability of appointment times and exam rooms, patients must arrive on time for their appointment. There will only be a 10-minute grace period after the scheduled time before the patient has failed the appointment.


11. The patient will be charged $25 to reschedule missed appointments. That fee must be paid before the patient is permitted to schedule another appointment. There will be no fees charged if the patient contacts the office in advance of the appointment time to cancel or change the appointment, including calls made on the same day as the appointment. There will also be no fees charged for an exam canceled by Family Eye because of patient illness or contact with off-limit areas.


Please call, text, or email us if you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions about these policies

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